Population of Tanzania

United Republic of Tanzania is a union that is made up of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. It has one of the most extremely uneven populations in East Africa and Africa in general. Compared to rest of its neighbors, mostly Kenya, Burundi, and Uganda, it has the largest population of 55,222,336. The distribution of people across the country varies according to administrative regions, age and ethnicity.

Population Of Tanzania By Age And Region

About a third of the Tanzania population lives in urban centers. According to age, the population distribution is as follows: – 43.74% age between 0-14 years. 19.86% age between 15-24 years. 29.88% age between 24-54 years. 3.51% age between 55 – 64 years, 3.21% over the age of 65 years. Youth make the majority of the population of Tanzania. This is because of the high fertility rate and a reduction in mortality rate.

Population Of Tanzania By Age And Region

Since 2000, the Tanzania government has made big strides in reducing the mortality rate. Youthful population lives in urban areas, mostly because of rural – urban migration in search of job opportunity. Most Tanzanians live in the northern and eastern side as compared to the rest of the region. The variation in population density is from 12 per Kilometer square in the Katavi region to 3,133 per Kilometer square in Dar Es Salaam. 70% of the people live in rural regions.

Population Distribution By Ethenicity

The Tanzania pollution is diverse with over 100 ethnic groups. The largest group is the Sukuma which represents 16% of the population. Together with, Nyamwezi, Haya and Chagga groups, they form the biggest ethnic group in Tanzania with each having over a 1 million members. Much of the population is from the mainland. Non-Africans make 1% of the total population majority being of the Asian community like Goans, Sunni Muslims and Parsis.

In Concluding Population In Tanzania

Tanzania has a population of 55,222,336 and it is distributed in term of region, age and ethnicity. The population is uneven, with the vast majority of people living on the Northern and Eastern side of the country. In terms of age, the youths below the age of 25 years are the majority. Tanzania has over 100 tribes with Sukuma being the biggest ethnic group. Besides the Africans, we have the non-Africans who are the minority making up 1% of the population.