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By Christine Dachs

Arusha’s Cultural “Fundis” 

In a series of articles the ARUSHA TIMES visits and makes interviews and the paper came across a vital cultural scene in town (10).

The Tanzania Movie Talent, Aneth Peter , actress and film producer, announces  a big event in Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium on Easter-Sunday 2015.

Movie locations and talents like rough gold

Aneth: I like acting, acting is inside me, I can’t do anything more than acting. Even when I sleep this is what I feel.  This is the first thing in the morning when I wake up. I am following my talent and that is what I want. When Tanzania Movie Talents (TMT), Season 1, came to Arusha I participated together with 500 contestants and became Top 3.

AT: Tanzania Movie Talents (TMT)?
 It is the project of the Dar es Salaam based “Proin Promotions” with the aim to promote upcoming artists in acting.  They selected 3 people from 20 regions of Tanzania. They took us to Dar es Salaam. It was like “Big Brother”. We competed, every week actors were judged, you go home, you go home and then I succeeded to be in Top 10 and then Top 3! I presented Arusha very well.

“It is the aim of Arusha Movie Unit” to empower disabled persons
to use their talents”, says actress and film producer Aneth Peter.

AT: Did you benefit from TMT?
Aneth: The contestants also got the chance to act in one movie together, titled “Mpango mbaya”. We got Mrs. Mona Mwakalinga, a teacher from University of Dar es Salaam and were taught how to deal with movies, work of the casting manager, principles about producing, how to be a good actor, a good editor. By using this knowledge I produced my own first movie now.

AT: A motion picture done in Arusha?
Aneth: It is called “Mikono michafu”, means Dirty Hands. I hope to release it in April. I got a lot of challenge because it is my first time movie as a producer. It is a story about a pastor and his unfaithful wife. The movie tries to teach people: you can be a good pastor but you are not free of having a wife with bad intentions and as a wife of a pastor you should act unsuspicious. The plot is based on a story of the author Richard Mtema. I like the way he is specifying the characters and it made it easier for me to do the casting.  I bought the rights of him. I myself am acting the role of the wife.
AT: And you are a member of Arusha Movie Unit.
Aneth:  I am one of the leaders.  We are a group of people here dealing with movies, entertainment, organizing activities and we are dealing with disabled people. We empower them to act; we take them to producers, others to the studio for recording if they are singers.  It is to make sure that they are feeding their talent.

Aneth Peter acting in “Mpango mbaya”, a movie production of
Tanzania Movie Talents (TMT). In “Season 1” she represented
Arusha and made it to the top 3 of Tanzania.

AT:  You are organizing an event?
Yes, this year it will be held on April, 5th in Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium. It is “TAMASHA LA AMANI NA KUWAWEZESHA WALEMAVU KIUCHUMI”. I have already sent a letter to our President, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, doing the patronage. We will be asking him to address the issue about safety here in Arusha and about empowering the disabled. Lots of well-known musicians will be part of the show: Diamond Platnumz, Ally Kiba, Yamoto-Band, Rose Muhando, Bahati Bukuku. The entrance fee is TSH 1.000/=, the tickets are available at the gate; advance sale will be at Radio 5 and at Golden Rose Hotel.

AT: Do you think Arusha is the right place for a film star?
Aneth:  It is hard to work with the ones who have already big names. In Arusha as an actress I have no competition. Beside the ideal film locations here I can see plenty of talents of actors and actresses, if I want to do a casting for my own projects.  Here it is like rough gold. My dream is to have my own high quality film-production. But so far Dar is still the market for distribution and sales.

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