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September 12-18, 2015


Arusha hosts Mount Meru Half Marathon

By Alfred Nicolas

The Mount Meru Half Marathon 2015 and 5km race for corporates, families and fun running will be held in Arusha on October 4. 

Organizers say the half marathon starts at the  Arusha Hotel and proceeds through Sokoine road to Arusha Airport, takes a turn at old Dodoma road and connect to Nairobi road.

The race will also  take runners along some city streets before it ends at the Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium. 
 The 5km race starts from Arusha
Hotel to Impala, Philips, Sanawari,  East African road,
Makongoro road and ends at the stadium.
The  races are organized by Mamboleo Digital Centre and are  looking for sponsors to help turn the idea into a permanent Arusha event.  



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