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May 23 - 29, 2015

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Arusha’s City area to increase threefold

By Staff Writer

The redrawing of the Master Plan for Arusha-Urban, has started and this will boost the City area from the current 272 kilometre squares to 608 square kilometres.

 Still a far cry from Dar-es-Salaam’s astounding 1500 square kilometres, but the initial size of Arusha by the time it was proposed to become a City was a only 149 square kilometers. Some  parts of Arumeru District had to be annexed to enhance both the urban-centre precinct and population.

 And now according to the project coordinator from the Ministry of Land and Settlement, Mr Mahenge Amulike, some 336 square kilometres of land will be sliced from Meru and Arusha-Rural District Councils. He was speaking during the Arusha Master Plan’s stakeholders’ meeting here.

Traffic chaos in Arusha’s and streets
. (Photo by Raymond John).

The Arusha City Director, Mr Juma Idd said with the urban centre growing fast practically all plots have been taken at the moment while the Arumeru District Commissioner Ms Hasna Mwilima, said land conflicts are the order of the day in Meru and that with the new planning maybe the problems will ease.

 Last December the Surbana International Consultants (PTE) inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the government, through which the Singapore firm will re-design, modernize and sculptor the city and skylines of Arusha and Mwanza urban areas.

 The project has already started having been approved from last January and is set to be completed after 19 months, which means is to climax in July 2016.

The agreement between the State and Singapore Company was signed in Arusha late last year between the Permanent Secretary in the Minister of Land, Housing and Human Settlements, Mr Alphayo Kidata and the Singapore Minister for Local and Foreign Affairs Mr Kong Wy Mun. The Arusha District Commissioner, Mr John Mongela and Deputy City Mayor, Mr Prosper Msoffe, witnessed the signing.

“We need to redesign, plan and modernize our growing cities in order solve problems of inadequate housing, like in the case of Arusha, as well as providing ample space for productive industries as well as business activities,” explained Mr Kidata, shortly after the MoU was signed here.

 Residents of Arusha and Mwanza cities with populations of 500,000 and 4 million respectively have been at loggerheads with local authorities when it comes to unplanned settlements, invasion of public areas and roads by hawkers and peddlers as well as gridlock traffic jams on their rather limited roads.

 It was reported then that the government decided to seek assistance from Singapore so that ‘Surbana International,’ with a good track record of improving their country’s urban settlements and modernizing infrastructure could apply the same here in Arusha and Mwanza.

Mr Kong Wy Mun, the Singapore Minister said during the signing last year his government was happy to assist Tanzania to clear all unplanned settlements in its cities and create better modern urban precinct to help boost economy, sanitation and solve housing problems.

 Surbana International Consultants is a leading consultancy that specialises in sustainable urban solutions ranging from urban planning, design, engineering, project and construction management, coastal engineering, infrastructure, sustainable design technologies and city management.

 According to company officials, Surbana has over the last 50 years, managed to sculpt the unique skyline of Singapore, creating a million homes for over 85 percent of the population in an integrated living environment.

 The firm which specializes in Architecture, Master Planning, territorial Engineering, Coastal Engineering and Infrastructure, Project Management, City Management, Sustainable Design and Land Survey, boasts expertise across the whole real estate value chain, encompassing architecture, engineering, project and construction management.






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