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September 5-11, 2015

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Man beheaded in hotel room
Police holding a suspect in connection with the murder.

By Staff Writer and Happy Lazaro

Police in Arusha are investigating  a grisly murder of  a man  in the night of August 30/31 which left the victim without   head, his private parts , breast and  hands.

 Unknown assailant (s)  beheaded the  person  estimated to  be about 20 years old in a hotel room   downtown  near  the mini bus station. Police told The Arusha Times on Wednesday that a suspect has  been arrested.

 When  police arrived at A. Square Belmont Hotel  on the day of the event they found the deceased body laid on the bed inside  the guest room without  head.

The killer(s)  who  also chopped away the dead man’s genitals, breasts and palms  disappeared  without being noticed. The organs were  also missing from the room which means whoever performed the  horrific murder took those parts of anatomy with them.

 The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, or maybe late Sunday night, but the badly mutilated body was discovered on Monday.  

Police in Arusha  are still baffled over what could have actually taken place inside the hotel room that fateful night.  

The body of the victim  was removed by the police  from the hotel  at  11.45  on August 31 using the  back gate  and was taken to Mount Meru hospital  mortuary.  An anxious crowd assembled at the  premises of the hotel  eager  to know  what  exactly had happened.

Police who inspected  the deceased room  found  no personnel effects as  the killers had apparently taken away all clothes and other belongings.

 Hotel attendants did their best to keep away  from the press, but eventually it came to light that  a man  had registered for the room  at the reception using the single name of ‘Mr Reginald,’  also indicating that he was a ‘teacher’ hailing from Karatu District.

 The Arusha Regional Police Commander, RPC Liberatus Sabas, said preliminary investigations indicate that the hotel room  was previously hired by one Reginald Mjema, last Saturday the 29th of August 2015, but on the day of the incident (Sunday) he had either left the hotel already, or simply didn’t sleep in the room.

 “The dead person has been identified  as ‘Mandela,’ a second hand bags trader  at the central market, who used to live in Mianzini.  How he ended up in the room where he got murdered  is what we are trying to find out at the moment, including tracing the so-called, Mr Reginald Mjema,” said RPC Sabas.

 The Levolosi Ward Chairperson, Ms Sauda Haruna said she received the news from a member of the local government committee, Ms Mary Shayo, on Monday morning and both summoned the police.  “I still cannot understand why, the attendants did not demand identity cards and ensure full registration instead of just a single name which cannot be substantiated,” she added.

 One of the hotel guests, Mr Isike Khamis said he hired a room just next to ‘Mr Reginald,’ and says  he  heard nothing in the fateful night and was surprised to hear of the murder upon waking up on Monday morning.

 Mr Khamis was of the  view that such a big hotel like Belmont needed  to have security (CCTV) cameras installed.  It was  strange, he said,  that such gadgets were missing whereas other smaller properties, including ordinary guest houses in Arusha had them.

 The phone number which the victim allegedly left at the register proved to have been fabricated, because upon being rung, the person on the other side of the line expressed surprise that somebody else could have listed it as his number.






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