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Issue No. 0824:
August 16 - 22, 2014

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Public gripped with fear as snipers shoot women drivers
Incidents happened after sunset

By Hazla Quire and Happy Lazaro

After some individuals reported to have been behind the Arusha bombing incidents were arrested recently, it appears terror-linked criminals have devised a new style of causing fear in the city.

A wave of motorcycle riding snipers going round the town shooting motorists has brought about another state of unrest in Arusha. The gun totting riders, reportedly use, mostly, the ‘Boxer’ type of motorbikes made in India which are not only faster but also move with very little noise.

Their targets seemingly are  mostly women motorists. On August 7, According, to Arusha’ s Regional Police Commander liberates Sabas a woman identified as Shamim Yulu, a house wife,  was  shot in  the neck  at Kwa Iddi area near Ngaramtoni at 9.00 pm near the gate to her house. She was driving a Toyota Ipsum with registration number T566 BYA. She was driving alone near her house when she was shot by unidentified persons riding a motorbike and who made away  with two mobile phones belonging to the woman.

Shamim who died shortly after being shot was buried on Friday, August 9 in Mbauda.

On August 4 unknown people  shot in the chest Ms. Flora Porokwa, the wife of the   Director of Pingos Forum, a non-governmental organization advocating for pastoralists and hunter gatherers. Mr. Porokwa, told the Arusha Times that his wife was driving in a Toyota Harrier  near  the junction to St. Patrick School in Sakina area  when she was shot at  07:00 p.m.

After she was shot, Flora could still  drive until she reached close to the gate of  their house, stopped and went  unconscious.  Neighbours appeared for assistance and she was rushed to the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre for treatment. She was discharged late last week.

The Arusha Regional Police Commander, Mr. Liberatus Sabas has also confirmed the occurrence of the incident.

There have been reports of  three more other cases of women motorists being missed by fired bullets from motorcycles riders in Majengo, Mbauda and Sekei areas. The Regional Police commander could not however confirm the three other incidents reported by other media.

Mr. Sabbas said that police were investigating the two incidents of women shot near their homes  and were specifically concerned because the incidents occurred in rapid succession, that is within four days.

Meanwhile, the shooting incidents have set the public worried fearing for their lives, especially women  who drive cars. They appealed to the police to take immediate and decisive action to stop those criminals.

One of the concerned women, Jusline Marko, a resident of  Sakina  said since the shooting incidents were reported  they have been gripped with fear  and could not understand why  the criminals are shooting women motorists for no apparent reason. 







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