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October 18 - 24, 2014

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Alleged ‘Serial’ Killer
He will Shoot no more…

Woman victim recognizes teeth set of dead assailant

By Hazla Quire

Women in Arusha have expressed mixed feelings regarding the shooting of a person suspected to be the killer behind series of attacks aimed at women motorists in Arusha City.

In the early hours of Friday, the 10th of October, 2014 the police in Arusha gunned down a person identified as  Ramadhan-Abdallah Jumanne alias  ‘Rama Ndonga’. According to the police, he  is alleged to be the bandit behind recent incidences of women shootings in Arusha.

One of the victims Ms Hoyce Amini after glancing at the dead suspect  she said she recognized him as a person who accosted her recently while driving in Olasiti area where she was forced to surrender money, bracelets, cellular phones and her wedding ring.

A crowd that thronged Arusha’s Central Police Station on October 10 to view the body of a suspected bandit
killed by Police in an exchange of fire at Moivo village north of the city.
(Photo by Raymond John

It was during the same day and area when unknown bandits riding on a motorcycle had shot at a moving car and killed a small boy who was sleeping on the back seat.

“I easily recognized his teeth, because those were the things that stuck out during the attack and the set is still sticking out now from the dead body,” stated Ms Amini at the yard of the police station where hundreds of Arusha residents milled to view the suspects body.

Other women who have been facing the ordeal of motorcycle riders attacks in town and who turned up to get a glimpse of the dead bandit, said it was difficult to tell if he was the guy that ambushed them because sometimes the attackers covered their faces or wore helmets.

The eliminated gangster, a resident of Moivo area, in upper Sanawari section of Enaboishu Ward, is reported to have been killed amid fierce exchange of fire between the suspect and  police officers who were dispatched to collect the suspect from his hideout after weeks of  a hunt down.

Regional Police Commander, Mr Liberatus Sabas, revealed here that the suspect was found with an Australian made, Glock 9 Pistol with serial numbers RL-U976 together with 14 rounds of ammunition as well as a specially-made security Radio Call branded ITSS/UNICTR, possibly stolen from ICTR.

A search in the deceased’s house also revealed a Chinese-made, Motorcycle with plate numbers T-507 BSU, a helmet, an extra vehicle registration number placard T-805 CDV, various other weapons and a long black coat.

Previous police swoop arrested one Mr Adam Mussa, a thirty year old resident of Majengo-Juu (Sacon), in Arusha City, in a hideout where two pistols; a Czech-made, Browning of 97.088 calibre with serial numbers A-895936 and a US made Lorcin-379126 together with ten rounds of ammunition were impounded.

The browning pistol according to Regional Police Commander, Mr Liberatus Sabas, was apparently traced back to one Mr Selemani Bakari Msuya who reportedly lost the weapon when some unknown culprits recently smashed his car window and stole therein a number of items including the gun.

Seven other suspects said by the police to be connected with ‘women killings’ were arrested a few weeks ago.

Reports have that four women have already suffered gun attacks from mysterious motorcycle riders with one Ms Shamim Rashid Yulu, dead. another Ms Florah Porokwa undergoing treatment, a child, Christen Nickson was the latest in the killings while two other lady motorists escaped by sheer luck.




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