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September 20 - 26, 2014

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Forum formed to address crime

  • CCTVS to be installed on streets, hotels
  • Stakeholders point fingers at bodaboda
By Arusha Times Correspondent

A forum comprising of members of the business community and other stakeholders has been formed to boost security in Arusha which has been subjected to a string of grenade and acid attacks since last year.

The forum has the blessing of regional security detail.

The new body will come up with proposals on how to collectively combat the escalating crime in the city, especially those targeting the tourism and banking sectors, a member of the forum Moses Onunga said.

"The initiative has come from the business community because we are worried by the trend which can scare off potential investors to our area", he told this newspaper.

Moses Onuga, General Manager of Arusha Palace Hotel.

The formation of the body followed a meeting held at the Palace Hotel earlier this month and which was attended by all the regional security heads, including the regional commissioner, district commissioner and representatives of the business community.

"It was all about security concerns, the current situation and the future, including some incidents witnessed of late. Thereafter, we decided we should have an all-inclusive forum to address this", said Mr. Onunga who is the general manager of the hotel.

"We discussed all matters of security but specifically the crimes targeting the business community", citing crimes committed in the hotels and lodges and the problem of fly catchers which, according to him, paint a negative image to the tourism industry.

Mr. Onunga further added that the team has been tasked to identify streets and suburbs in town which are notorious for crimes. There was a suggestion to put up police booths in such areas or intensify patrols.

The meeting agreed that a proposal to install CCTV cameras in the strategic areas of Arusha should be speeded up and that it should start with the main shopping centres along the Dodoma road and in the central business district (CBD).

All major hotels were directed to put up CCTVs as one of the security measures. There had been a spate of incidents in which thieves have been arrested in some of the hotels after sneaking in and masquarading as guests.

According to Mr. Onunga, one staff member of the imposing Palace Hotel in the heart of the city was recently killed when he took 'boda boda' for a ride to his residence at night. It was suggested that the motorbikes should not operate within the CBD.

Boda boda which have brought relief to commuters in poorly accessed suburbs of Arusha have of late been blamed as being behind a series of violent crimes. Two and a half months ago an employee of a bureau de change was shot dead when about to open the facility in the morning. Also a number of women have been shot at and one killed by thugs riding  motorcycles.

During the meeting, chaired by the regional commissioner Mr. Stanslaus Magesa Mulongo,who is the chairman of the regional defence and security committee, members of the business community were told to use the services of the Tourism Police Unit.





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