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February 13 - 19, 2016

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Kilombero food market for shs 28b upgrade

By Arusha Times Correspondent

The Arusha City Council has finalized plans to secure a Sh. 28 billion loan from the TIB Development Bank to upgrade the famous Kilombero wholesale food market.

City director Juma Iddi said the key structures at the market were run down and needed massive rehabilitation and modernization.

He added that experts have proposed that most of the old buildings should be pulled down and replaced with new ones.

"Mere rehabilitation would not solve the problem because many of the structures have been there for too long", he told reporters in the city recently.

Fruits and vegetables on sale at the Kilombero Market.
(Photo by Raymond John).

However, he noted that given its reliance by nearly a half of the Arusha city population, the market cannot be pulled down overnight without finding an alternative place for the sale of foodstuffs in the area.

Currently efforts are being made to rehabilitate the Shuma market in the adjacent Elerai ward. There had been suggestions that it should serve as a market for the sale of fruits, fish and  vegetables while the one at Kilombero in Ngarenaro ward is under reconstruction

Mr. Iddi called on the Arusha Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (AUWSA) to ensure that the market is clean without any sewage or litter that can pose a health hazard to the residents of the city.

The city director warned that the water authority should be prepared for heavy penalties should it fail to maintain cleanliness of the area, especially against any type of sewage.

Elsewhere, women vendors at the Kilombero have threatened to march to the government offices in protest against what they described as constant harassment by the city askaris.

One of the women who identified herself as Zainab Saidi who lives in Mbauda suburb along the Dodoma road said they have been chased away from the spots where they conduct their legitimate business at the vast market by baton-wielding people said to have been hired by the city council.

"We are treated as if we have no business to do there, yet we are there to eke out a living through sale of foodstuffs just like other traders", she said.

She said the constant tussle between them and the city askaris has gone to an extent where their foodstuffs are confiscated

Another vendor Mary Mkamba said it was high time for the government authorities in Arusha intervened in the conflict and create a conducive environment under which they can sell their goods in and around the market.

She said they were more interested to see the regional commissioner Felix Ntibenda but their efforts to reach him out have failed apparently due to the tight work schedule for the regional administrator.

The Kilombero wholesale food market hosts hundreds of traders, food vendors as well as hawkers, mostly selling foodstuffs ranging from bananas and other fruits, maize flour, tomatoes, meat, fish and onions. There are also several food kiosks and shops for assortment of merchandize.



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