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August 13- 19, 2011

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General Sarakikya attends Royal Military Academy’s 50th reunion in Sandhurst

By Arusha Times Reporter

Retired General Mirisho Sarakikya has  flown to the United Kingdom for a reunion session with over 100 fellow Royal Military Academy Sandhurst alumni who were commissioned at RMAS fifty years ago, in 1961.

General Sarakikya, who served as Tanzania's High Commissioner to Kenya, in Nairobi for over a decade until 2004, is the country’s first National Army Commander (Chief of Defense Forces) and also the founder of the Monduli-based, Tanzania Military Academy (TMA) which is reported as  the best officer training base in Africa.

Speaking at his Nkoaranga Village home, in Meru District, last weekend, shortly before departing for London, Major General Sarakikya admitted that he was going to be in for a big surprise on Tuesday when he meets  for the first time, fellow army officers he last saw in 1961.

“It is going to be a 50- year re-union for the class of 1961 who joined the Royal Military Academy in 1959, there were over 300 of us then, but I am sure many have since died because five decades is such a long time,” said Mr Sarakikya. He is the only one from East Africa attending the re-union.

However according to the retired General, there are so far, 100 Royal Military Academy officers, who graduated at Sandhurst in 1961 and who had confirmed to attend this week's reunion ceremony in the United Kingdom.

Text Box: Retired General Mirisho Sarakikya who attended the Royal Military Academy in Sandharst, in 1961
“One of our fellow officers, General Murtallah Mohammed became a head of state in Nigeria,”
revealed Gen Sarakikya and as far as he is concerned the late Mohammed was among the
best African States men that this continent ever had.

“He was my personal friend and during our time at the Royal Military Academy, we spent most of the time together, I have never recovered from his death, just as I still cannot get over the death of my other close friend, the late Mr Sammy Mdee the former Daily News editor and Press Secretary to the late President Mwalimu  Nyerere . 

Mr Ian Fleming the person who created James Bond (007) also attended the Royal Military Academy  but  he  did not complete his training.

The   Alumni of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst  is extensive and includes many famous generals around the globe including outstanding Victoria Cross (VC)  winners.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst recently denied that it also trained and commissioned Field Marshall Idd Amin, the former Ugandan Dictator leader  and the embattled  Libyan President, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The RMAS alumni extensive lineup includes a number of 'students' who did not complete the course. Some of the foreign royalty were not, for example, commissioned. The Sandhurst Foundation acts as a community for the alumni of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst



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