The Arusha Times

Issue 00551

Jan 24 - 30, 2009

issn 0856 - 9135 



By Kaaya Shilia

Theories of Shame

The bottom line inspirational
The profit equation sinking that low
Selling weapons of mass destruction
Fashionable and such a lucrative venture
Agitating for war
To opens new horizons, new frontiers

Profits the engine of growth
Overtrading erodes the capacity to prosper
Window dressing sending shock waves afar
With the giants of history gasping for air
Business failures en mass
Now the new formula sought by heart

Agitating for war a new frontier
New theories of shame hatched
War holding a key for inertia
Destroy to reconstruct
Demolish and plan a new
Enhancing the bottom line
The capitalistic trash!

The pattern remains ever the same
But now so ferocious
With global hallucination in our midst
Globalization and economy
With the looming war of disguise
Meant to hold the absolute arsenal
The weapon to silence the market
The oil monopoly that has divided the world
And monopoly that was so loathed by
Adam Smith, the mentor of market forces

The brunt of the messy to befall the poor
The struggling lots of Africa and Diaspora
Cleaning the debris of the wreckage
With exploitation spree on unabated
To quench the fantasies of capitalism
The bottom lines swelling to the brim
Awaiting the next phase of ruinous destruction
With the suffering to continue, a vicious circle!





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