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Issue 00564

April 25 - May 1, 2009

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Local News

Arusha rural district suffers from inadequate health facilities

By Wankyo Gatti

The Arusha rural district, the new precinct recently carved from the former Arumeru District, is grappling with inadequate health services.

The National Health Insurance Fund Northern Zone Director, Mrs. Grace K. Lobulu said recently when addressing Arusha District Councilors.

She  noted that the district has only 28 health facilities that are servicing NHIF members and most of them being dispensaries.

She however said that the general infrastructure of the government facilities in this district and the quality of service offered is inadequate as the facilities lack basic equipment, staff and is faced with inadequate medical supplies. She further added that some facilities are in urgent need of renovations sighting the case of Mbuyuni Health Centre.

It was further note that, recently the government designated the former Ngaramtoni based Selian Hospital owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Diocese in Arusha Region to a district hospital of the Arusha District.  However, Mrs. Lobulu raised a concern on the location of the designated district hospital saying that majority of people might not be able to go that far.

According to Arusha district councilors, following the splitting of the former Arumeru district into Arusha and Meru districts the Arusha district was marginalized in terms of infrastructure including health facilities and schools. The Arusha-rural councillors alleged that the East (Meru), got a larger piece of the cake.

During the same week in a similar meeting in Meru district, the North Western Area Manager of NHI, Clemence Lori urged the council to apply for the NHIF equipment and facility improvement loans that aim at reducing the problem of shortage of equipment and improve the health service provision infrastructure. 


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