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Issue 00512

April 5-11, 2008

issn 0856 - 9135 

Local News

Arusha youth for Jane Goodall Summit in USA

By Arusha Times Reporter

An outstanding performer from the Global Service Corps Tanzania’s exceptional youth ‘Counterparts’ has been chosen to represent the country at a Global Youth Summit in Orlando, Florida later this month.

Eric Donasian Massawe, a student at the Arusha Institute of Accounting was chosen based on his proficiency in English, his track record of community project work and how it benefits local people, demonstrated leadership potential and his commitment to implementing action plan when he returns to his community, according to an email from GSC.

Erick has worked alongside GSC-TZ’s international volunteer participants for two years, conducting HIV/AIDS training sessions among rural groups and peer educator trainings through Day Camps at local secondary schools. He represents the front-line of GSC-TZ in the field work which promotes awareness raising, HIV/AIDS prevention, home based care and environmental conservation farming.

Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist, conservationist and humanitarian, has personally invited 100 of the most outstanding young people around the world to join her from April 19-25, 2008, at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for a week-long exploration of how each individual can make a difference in protecting the future of our planet.

The summit will include participation by Dr. Jane Goodall herself, youth-led panels, roundtable discussions, workshops, keynote speakers and other activities. Participants will examine the relationships between the environment, water issues, and poverty plus issues of wildlife conservation.

Dr. Jane Goodall began the landmark study of chimpanzees in Tanzania in June 1960, under the mentorship of anthropologist and paleontologist Dr. Louis Leakey. Her work at Gombe Stream would become the foundation of future primatological research and redefine the relationship between humans and animals.

Attendees to her event will be outstanding young people, with a strong history of community service, demonstrated leadership qualities, ability to articulate ideas and concepts and a commitment to returning home with a solid plan of action over the coming year.

Jenaya, one of the Erick’s co-workers says “Erick has a wonderful dedication to the task at hand; having worked voluntarily in several instances even where there are no budget funds to sustain him. International volunteer participants find it easy to interact with him; being compassionate, sincere, humble, and highly reliable.”

Erick takes pride in the project work as if it were his own. “I was inspired to work with Global Service Corps under HIV/AIDS community training project, because I felt I was working with my society and contributing directly to those in need,” he said.

The young man also said that he taught, about HIV/AIDS awareness and through meeting a number of pandemic victims he realized that the disease was a much bigger disaster than people can ever imagine.



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