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Issue 00484

September 1 - 7, 2007

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Local News

Shirima at the helm of Arusha region

by Staff Reporter

Arusha region now has a new Regional Commissioner, Isidore Shirima who has been transferred from Mara region to replace Colonel Samwel Ndomba. 

Colonel Ndomba who served in Arusha for only one year has been transferred to the military headquarters in Dar es Salaam and promoted to Brigadier General.

Having stayed in Arusha for only one year, (July 2006 - August 2007), Colonel Ndomba is not in record for serving Arusha the shortest period. His predecessor, Abbas Kandoro may claim the record of having served as Arusha’s governor the shortest tenure. He served for only five months, from February to July 2006. He was transferred to Dar es Salaam as Regional Commissioner and still the incumbent.

Daniel Ole Njoolay, now Rukwa’s Regional Commissioner, holds the record of serving Arusha the longest period, from 1995 top 2003. Mr. Ole Njoolay’s eight-year tenure in Arusha region beats the other 17 Regional Commissioners who served Arusha for the last 46 years of Tanzania’s independence.

Mr. Shirima is a former student of Ilboru High School.

Isidore Shirima                                               Colonel Samwel Ndomba

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