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July 7 -  13, 2007

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GSC equips 300 students with life skills
About 1500 Arusha youths trained in the past six years

By Arusha Times Reporters

"I will live ...!" pledged about 300 local students from three Arusha-based Secondary schools, who have just graduated from this year’s HIV-Aids Peer Education and Life skills day camps, that have been organized and implemented here by the Global Service Corps. "... I pledge to keep my body free from HIV-Aids!" They chanted.

But it wasn’t just the Aids pandemic, the two-week long Global Service Corps’ day camps reinforced the life skills training with a stern ‘War against drugs’ message and judging from the students’ own performances, the use of narcotics highly contributed to HIV-Aids infections, in addition to the drugs’ own capability to either kill or maim one for life.

The 2007 HIV-Aids peer education and life skills, students’ day camps, conducted with assistance from 23 volunteers from abroad took place at Nkoanrua Secondary School of Arumeru, Olorien Secondary School of South Kijenge, in the outskirts of Arusha town and at Elerai Secondary School of Azimio-Elerai, within the Sakina vicinity.

According to the GSC Day camp coordinator, Jenaya Rockman this year’s youths gatherings marked the sixth installment of Global Service Corps’s day camps which were first established in Arusha in June 2002 and since then the arrangement has equipped more than 1400 students with life skills. "Our trainees have also been forming health clubs at their respective schools and so far there are 70 such clubs in various schools," said Jenaya.

Frida Lauwo the Global Service Corps Country director explained that with support of GSC, teachers advisors and school administrators, the newly formed students’ health clubs will be utilizing the skills as trainers of trainers, using the trained students as animators to pass knowledge of HIV-Aids prevention and life skills to their fellow students both at Secondary and Primary level of education and even other youths within their respective communities.

The two weeks interactive training sessions were facilitated by 23 volunteers from the United States and Canada, who worked together with their 14 Tanzanian counterparts and nine local secondary school teachers, all of whom were being assisted with the youth coordinator, Adonis Mseti and some other supporting staff.

"The aim here is to create and promote a new, future Tanzania state, which is free from HIV-Aids and narcotics!" states the GSC coordinators. "With knowledge, skills, ambition and signature, these 300 Arusha area students are now ready to join the International fight against Drugs, HIV and Aids," they stated. At the end of the training sessions, each participant was awarded with certificates.

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