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December 9 - 15, 2006

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Njoolay longest serving RC in Arusha
17 RCs have served Arusha in 45 years

By Valentine Marc Nkwame

Daniel Ole Njoolay, who served here as the overall head of the Arusha Region between 1995 and 2003, is so far holding the record of being the longest serving Regional Commissioner for this Northern Zone precinct, since this country acquired its independence on December 9, 1961.

RC Ole Njoolay’s eight years tenure as the head of the region beats the other 17 commissioners who served Arusha for the last 45 years of the Republic of Tanzania. From Arusha, Njoolay went to Mwanza region, in the lake zone, where he served two years, before being transferred to Rukwa in the southern Tanzania where he still works.

The immediate past Regional Commissioner, Abbas Kandoro on the other hand, could be holding the record of being the RC with the shortest serving tenure in the region, having recorded only about five months of working here from February to July 2006, before being transferred to Dar-es-salaam where he is currently serving as the head of the region.

Regional records indicate that Edward Barongo retains his record of being the first ever Regional Commissioner for Arusha in 1962 though he only served for one year, while John Mhaville remains the only commissioner who served here in two different tenures the first being 1964 when he took over from Samuel Chamshana and the second was in 1981 when he replaced Peter Siyovelwa.

Col. Anatoly Tarimo (rtd), who headed the Region from 1990 to 1992 may also go into History books as the commissioner who returned to rule a region (Manyara) which as it happens, got zoned from Arusha region in 2003. The Retired Colonel Tarimo coincidentally also, once served as District commissioner for Babati which is now the headquarters for the new Manyara Region.

The list of all 17 regional commissioners who served the Arusha region from the present to the early days of Tanganyika goes as follows: Col. Samuel Ndomba from July 2006 to date, Abbas Kandoro (February - July 2006), Mohammed Babu (Feb 2003 - Feb 2006), Njoolay (1995-2003), Dr. Ahmed Kiwanuka (1992-1995) and Anatoly Tarimo (1990-1992).

Others were; Augustine mwingira (1987-1990), Christopher Liundi (1985-1987), Charles Kileo (1983-1985), John Mhaville (1981-1982), Peter Siyovelwa (1978-1981), Abdulanur Suleiman (1973-1978), Aaron Mwakangata (1968-1973), Wazir Juma (1964-1968) and John Mhaville again who headed the region for one year in 1964.

Samuel Chamshama who headed Arusha region between 1963 and 1964 should go down the records as the first RC here, after the country changed its name from Tanganyika to Tanzania when the mainland joined with the Zanzibar isles in 1964.

Others along the line are; Peter Walwa (1962-1963) and Edward Barongo who kicked off the RC race in 1962 immediately after the country (then known as Tanganyika)’s independence from Britain.


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