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Jan 21 - 27, 2006

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Nurses of the Salisbury\Nursing Group, USA visiting needy families. In the middle is the Chairman of NHA, Mr. Felix Jumbe Mushi.

US nursing group visits local hospice

By Edward Selasini
A group of visitors from the United States of America visited a non governmental organization called The Needy Hospice Association (NHA) of Arusha on 16 January 16 to familiarize themselves with activities of the association.
The Salisbury Nursing Group (SNG) is under Global service Corps led by Professor Karin Johnson from the University of Salisbury, USA. The group visited six families affected with HIV/AIDS and looked after by NHA.
The visiting group donated gloves, disinfectants, nutritional foods and first aid kits worth US Dollars 150. The SNG managed to visit only six families out of 200 families
affected by the HIV/AIDS. They promised to send more donations once they get back to the US.
NHA is involved in the care of the terminally ill-patients (cancer and their related diseases) and HIV/AIDS.
The Executive Chairman of NHA, Mr. Felix Jumbe Mushi, told the press that NHA provides home-based care, counseling and creating awareness to those who have tested positive of cancer and HIV/AIDS.
The organization also takes care of orphans who are left without people to help them. He thanked the Salisbury Nursing Group from Maryland and promised to work with them closely in helping the needy in Arusha.





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