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Jan 21 - 27, 2006

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The FlameTree Restaurant: Arusha's dish point
By: Elisha Mayallah

Last week my dining companion pointed out that restaurant names are like tattoos -- you can be stuck with them for a long-time. To go further, I wondered if restaurants like The Flame Tree, located at the base of Themi hill just off Njiro road, had their cuisine fixed as permanently as well.
Most people who eat out often in this restaurant will have seen much of the menus before. Chef-owner fondly known as ' Mama Tazim ', her service and kitchen brigade comprises women whom she firmly believes to be ideal for the demands of the hospitality industry. She takes great pride in training them to attain high professional standards in all areas. Indeed being attentively served by these cheerful girls, one senses the pride in their job. So whether you want to tuck into a 500gm T-bone steak or celebrate a special occasion with a fondue for two, come and be pampered at the flame tree.
The Flame Tree restaurant has developed a loyal following among vegans and meat-eaters alike for his complex combinations and his proclivity for mixing cultures, with influences from many parts of the world. The owners, Amin Wissanji and Tazim Ramji -Wissanji have a wealth of experience in the service industry where between them they share some 45 years in the world of hospitality.
Working with seasonal and locally farmed produce the restaurant strives to offer a delicious meal experience. At lunch they cater to a cosmopolitan crowd of safari visitors…whether in need of comfort before starting their safari or needing to relax after all that animal spotting! The buffet is set outside in an open-air pergola surrounded by greenery and the tree filled garden, an ideal spot to get a memorable taste of Tanzania.
The restaurant provides a cosy and intimate atmosphere for a 'tete-a-tete' meal with courteous and friendly service. Delicious home baked bread be it healthily whole-meal or the indulgent pesto rolls, is a treat. Apart from the lavish continental menu, a selection of north Indian dishes is also available. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians are both catered for with loving attention.
The main restaurant, which includes secluded the upper and lower terraces overlooking the lush garden can take a total of 80 people. A large open-air patio covered with a timber pergola can seat an additional 50 people.
In addition, businessmen's buffet lunches or dinners, pre-booked early dinners for airport departures and cocktail parties can all be organized on request. Also undertaken orders for canapés, 'take-aways' and special occasion cakes. For any further queries contact them on 027 – 2501580, 0744 370 474/0744 377 399 or on the following e-




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