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Issue 00419

May 13 - 19, 2006

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Improper accommodation leads to students pregnancies
By Minnah Mkwizu

Member of Parliament for Karatu Constituency, Dr. Wilbroad Slaa (CHADEMA) has decried the practice of female students renting rooms in order to attend nearby schools.

He said such practice has contributed to the students getting early pregnancies while still at school and as a result being forced to abandoned school.

Dr. Slaa made these remarks when he was contributing to the Education Progress Report submitted during the Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) meeting held recently a the Arusha International Committee.

Dr Slaa noted that the practice was not only bad for girls but also to boys who he said had involved themselves in all sorts of vices by living in premises that are not conducive to students. .

Earlier, the Arusha Regional Education Officer, Mr. Theodor Masawe said that the Region had succeeded in putting back to school 506 children who had abandoned schools and got engaged in child labour.

Among the children who have been put back to school 80 percent of them passed standard four examinations and have entered standard five.

Many of the kids who abandon school at an early age are engaged as plantation workers at exploitative wages whereas others go to mining areas, especially Mererani to work in dangerous and life threatening situations.

Contribution to the education report, the Member of Parliament of Longido Constituency, Mr. Lekule Laizer emphasized that parents and communities should contribute towards the education of their children.




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