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Issue 00419

May 13 - 19, 2006

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Adelaide Sanare (Middle) widow of the late Melkizedeck Sanare and daughters Rehema (left) and Neema, during the burial of their late father on May 9. Sanare was Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office. (Photo by Raymond John)




Arusha, Arumeru in tug of war over proposed boundaries

Arusha town which officially became a city on July 1 this year suffers from crudely put up structures and vast unplanned settlements, and the situation will not easily change because the local authority is reported not to have key planners including architects and quantity surveyors.


RPC Matei

Fake 10,000/= currency notes claimed to be in circulation

Counterfeit 10,000 shilling notes are in circulation in Arusha and the source of the money is baffling the police force.

Three people have been arrested in possession of the "counterfeits" which can easily be passed to unsuspecting individuals in any transaction involving money.


Hanang struggles to catch up in education

Hanang district which is lagging behind in education is bracing to be in the forefront in churning out secondary school education achievers.









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