Issue 00378 

Jul 16 - 22, 2005

Local News

Global Service Corps establishes health clubs in schools

By Staff Reporter

The Global Service Corps has formed a number of health clubs in Secondary schools of Arusha, as additional efforts to reinforce HIV-Aids awareness among local students, after carrying out HIV camps in schools since 2001.

The programme coordinator, Susan Beck told The Arusha Times, that through the GSC HIV programmes, students are equipped with knowledge to become trainers and pass the same skills to their counterparts in schools.

More than 15 secondary schools have benefitted from the special health program being offered on voluntary basis by the Global Service Corps, in the region. The ceremony to mark the closure of this year's camps, was held at the Kimandolu Secondary school last week.

Global Corps has teamed up with members and indigenous organizations to offer talks, barazas (community meetings) and weekly events at schools, churches and village forums. Volunteers also collaborate with local health care workers and officials to provide further education and counseling, and to build a sustainable teaching and learning curriculum that delves into the heart of each community.

Volunteers then follow up initial talks with return visits that foster rapport, friendship and trust. An emphasis on education, awareness, friendship and reverence for life helps spread the word that AIDS is a disease that can be prevented - and just as importantly those who do have AIDS need all the love, care and support afforded any human.
The GSC's HIV/AIDS Program also provides the opportunity for volunteers to discover Tanzania Participants live with families in village based home stays and experience the challenges and changing face of every day life - from connecting with that shy student with the bright smile to negotiating a herd of goats on the way home.

Global Service Corps (GSC) is a nonprofit international volunteer organization that provides volunteer opportunities for people worldwide to live and work abroad in developing countries.

Local News

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