Issue 00350 

Dec 11 - 17, 2004

Local News

Arusha School teachers inspire Swahili class at Swedish school

By Nyamanoko Bwire


With more than 60 years of providing education in Tanzania, the country=s first English medium primary institution, Arusha School, is still setting the pace as far as International contacts  in Education are concerned.

The recent educational visit of some teachers from  Arusha Primary School, to  Hagabodaskolan school in  Sweden, for instance, has inspired the establishment of a special Swahili class at the Swedish learning institution.

Arusha School=s Headmaster, Melkiory Kiduma, who was among the delegation of  four Arusha School teachers to Sweden, said the Swahili class at the Hagabodaskolan School has started with eleven students, all of whom are planning to visit  Arusha municipality in the near future.

The Arusha School teachers who toured Sweden in the Educational trip  are; the Headmaster, Melkior Kiduma, Charles Sawaki, Eva Munuo and Joachim Mgonja. While there, the delegation exchanged ideas with their Swedish counterparts at Hagabodaskolan and visited various areas of education and community development.

Prior to their visit, another teacher from the School, Mwalimu Pelle Ibrahim Shaibu, had flown to USA and participated in the Durham Sister-city, Arts program entitled,ALiteracy through Photography.@ After he returned to Arusha, Pelle formed a special ALiteracy through Illustration@ starting with pupils of Arusha School and expanding to include pupils and students from other schools as well.

Local News

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