Issue 00341 

Oct 9 - 15, 2004

Street Talk

Thumbs up for Barclays

Barclays Bank recently organised a seminar for their customers targeting those who are entrepreneurs. Those who attended think it was the right move and more educative activities should be planned.
by Raymond John

  • Samson Laizer, Fruit processing company, Arusha
  • John D Pallangyo, Inter-Trade Express
  • Justine Leiyan, Maasai Expeditions.
  • Edith Eugintaz, Food Supplier
  • Educative seminars like these being offered to small scale, local traders, is actually the first of its kind to be organized by a financial institution like the Barclays bank, targeting mostly its customers.
    In my opinion, I think it is both the right and high time that local businessmen come up with their own network or some form of a club that will be bringing them up together, for shared information and experiences.
    Local traders also need to adopt transparency in their transactions and do away with ‘juvenile’ competition, jealousy and other forms of negative attitude in their operations.

    Barclays Bank have come up with the right approach in cultivating mutual relationship with their customers, this is good.
    The Seminar has not only brought us together, but through it we have gained a lot of experiences, problems and even from success stories.

    Lack of proper focus and having the right plan of action, makes most local traders shoddy businessmen. Fundamental things like book keeping records for instance, were never being applied by most of us. Let these training be sustainable so that many people get to benefit.

    The seminar was educative, but more important is the Barclays bank’s idea of forming a special Business club. At this rate we may actually reach somewhere.
    Still all training without capital, is not enough, how about the Bank offering us some loans?

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