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Aug 14 - 20, 2004

Local News

Mr. Alan Sackman and son, Mr. Warren Sackman, handing over a cheque for USD 3250.00 to the Longido Secondary School Deputy Headmaster, Mr. Christopher Masaki.

Longido Secondary School receives funding boost from American Family

By Dominyck Lever
A leading US real estate developer and client of Wengert Windrose Safaris (WWS) and Tanzania Game Trackers Safaris (TGTS), Mr. Alan Sackman, recently signaled his intentions to provide long term funding assistance to Longido Secondary School in northern Masaailand.

On a tour of the school on July 23rd of this year, accompanied by his son Warren, Mr. Sackman asked that the Longido Secondary School Board in conjunction with the Friedkin Conservation Fund (Non Government Organisation responsible for community development for WWS and TGTS) draw up a long term funding proposal for the school.

The proposal will incorporate the construction of school buildings such as classrooms, dormitories and teacher's houses as well as the purchase of text books and computers.

This injection of funds into the long term future of Longido Secondary School comes at an opportune time as the school expands in 2004 to include forms five and six.

Earlier in July, Mr. Sackman's wife Barbara and daughter Mrs. Allyson Sackman Nick, in addition to Mrs. Nick's children Sammy and Theo, also visited Longido Secondary School to spend the day with some of the 13 students who are being sponsored by the Sackman Family through the Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF).

The visit was a resounding success with the highlight being a session in the computer room in which Sammy and Theo were able to show the students, many of whom had never used a computer before, some of the basic operations of these vital learning tools.

Sammy was able to distribute a CD of some of her favourite music to all of the students present. The significance of this moment was evidenced by the looks of delight on all of the children's faces when Sammy showed them how to play the CD through the schools computers.

The day culminated in the handover by Mrs. Nick of a cheque to the Headmaster to the value of USD 3000.00; USD 2,500.00 on behalf of the New York/Tri-state Chapter of the Safari Club Sables and USD 500.00 from her own pocket. The money will go towards the purchase and installation of a new 27 KVA generator to power the schools 19 new computers and staff houses.

Up until now, Longido Secondary School has had to rely on an undersized generator for all of the schools power requirements as Longido Town has yet to be connected to the Tanzanian power grid.

During his visit to the school, Mr. Sackman handed over an additional cheque to the school on behalf of the Sackman Family to the sum of USD 3250.00, representing the outstanding amount required to purchase and install the generator.
The Longido Secondary School Board and FCF are now in position to procure a generator through Wilson International Ltd. in Arusha with the installation to be carried out by a TGTS electrician.

The commitment of long term funding by the Sackman Family to the future of Longido Secondary School and the immediate injection of USD 6250.00 towards the purchase of and installation of a generator comes on the back of a long time association by the family and the school stretching back to 1997.

To date, the Sackman Family has contributed in excess of USD 15,000.00 towards the development of Longido Secondary School with this valuable partnership now set to carry on long into the future.




Local News

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