No. 00312 

Mar 20 - 26, 2004


Dar organisers alleged to let Arusha rally drivers carry their own cross

by Staff Reporter

Baba Deeís rally car after the accident.

The Arusha participants who took part in the recently held, Good Year Challenge Motor Rally which took place in Dar es Salaam, have lamented on what they described to be "Bad treatment" while in the city.

Baba Deeís motor rally team, which suffered mishaps during the rally, after their rally car, the legendary Subaru Legacy crashed into a stationary Isuzu Journey mini bus which was blocking the rally route.

David Kidawawa, the teamís fronts man and who was at the wheel of the then leading Subaru car, said, after the accident the Dar es Salaam Motor Sports Club (DMSC) hardly paid any attention let alone assisting them.

In his letter to the Chairman of Arusha Motor Sports Club (AMSC), Kidawawa complained that, should a Dar driver run into mishaps while participating in an Arusha rally, AMSC would have done everything to ensure that, the driver gets all the necessary assistance and support.

The Subaru Legacy, a blue saloon car with registration number ARS 355 has totally been written off and according to Baba Deeís press officer, Boniface Kiwia, another car had to be ordered for the forthcoming Nairobi rally event next month.

"If it wasnít for the accident, the rally victory was likely to be mine", said Kidawawa who last year, set a record at a Nairobi based motor rally event.


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