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February 28 -March 6, 2015

Some of the Maasai elders common by the name of Laigwanak following carefully proceedings of a meeting called to find solutions to the Ndarakwai Estate crisis.






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Poor nutrition fuelling Aids patients deaths
When  people suffering from HIV and Aids succumb to the disease, sometimes it is not due to  infections only,  if the Arusha situation is anything to by, they could be dying   also because of  poor nutrition
 The Regional Medical Officer, Dr Frida Mokiti explained here that while HIV/ Aids, with a 3.2 percent prevalence in the precinct, continues to lead in the list of top-ten killer diseases in Arusha, patients facing the onslaught of the incurable disease have also been found to suffer acute hunger.......Read more


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Parties address Ndarakwai estate conflict 
A special  meeting recently held to resolve the conflict between four villages surrounding the Ndarakwai Tourist Camp in West-Kilimanjaro and the estate management has  come up with various resolutions to resolve the conflict that has been going on  for over four months . ...............Read more

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Institute of Accountancy Arusha opens branch in Mwanza
The Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) has opened   a branch  in Buzugu area of  Nyakato  in Mwanza City
 The Principal of the Institute, Professor Johanes Monyo said the opening of the wing in Mwanza Region is the implementation of IAA’s strategic plan to establish   two wings by 2017.  He said that so far  they have surpassed their  target since they have  already opened three wings. . ....Read more

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