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February 13 - 19, 2016

Kilombero Market in Arusha which will be demolished to pave way to the construction of a modern market facility at the cost of Sh.28 billion.
(Photo by Raymond John).


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Why noise pollution should be curbed in Arusha
Arusha is hailed as the Geneva of Africa on account that the city hosts a number of international organizations. Many of the city’s hotels and conference rooms have also been attractive venues for high profile meetings and conventions. Despite the serenity, in some areas, the city is increasingly being haunted by noise pollution or, in simple terms, unwanted, menacing noise being released into the environment. Residents of Arusha can attest that they are day-in and day-out subjected to excessive noise levels that not only disturb them but are hazardous to their health. . ...........Read more


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Kilombero food market for shs 28b upgrade
The Arusha City Council has finalized plans to secure a Sh. 28 billion loan from the TIB Development Bank to upgrade the famous Kilombero wholesale food market.
City director Juma Iddi said the key structures at the market were run down and needed massive rehabilitation and modernization...........Read more

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Slain pilot family raises funds to fight poaching
An online fundraising in honour of a British pilot Roger Gower (37) who was killed by poachers in Simiyu region last week has been set up to raise 50,000 British pounds for conservation purposes.
The money will be used to help anti-poaching efforts in Tanzania now under threat of illegal hunters of animals for their trophies.........Read more

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