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July 19 - 25, 2014

Deepak Gupta (left) and Ritwik khandehral 13 (right) were among the victims of the July 7 bombing of Varma Restaurant at the end of Kanisa Road in Arusha. The grisly attack caused Mr. Gupta's leg to be amputated. Eight people, some of them from one family, were injured in the grenade attack and admitted at the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre in Levolosi area. (Photo by Raymond John).





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Varma bomber
‘Woman’ in veil is suspect

A mysterious veiled person, possibly a woman, is still the prime suspect in the bombing incident at the Vama Indian Traditional Restaurant along Kanisa Road days.  This fellow is yet to be apprehended.
The explosion damaged the ‘Varma Indian Traditional Restaurant’ located at the end-point of the Kanisa Road, just across the road from the residence of the Regional Commissioner, Mr Magesa Mulongo. ..Read more


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Japan Prince Akishino becomes tourist attraction in Ngorongoro
When the Japanese Royals, Prince Fumihito Akishino and Princess Kiko went into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area last week they had planned to enjoy Tanzania’s leading tourist attraction, but little did they know that they will end up being attractions themselves......Read more

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Lake Manyara, park faces bleak future
Findings of an extensive study on Lake Manyara, its adjacent wetlands, National Park and surrounding communities paint a bleak future.
The study on ‘Impact of Irrigation on Lake Manyara Wetlands’ conducted by Dr Asantaeli Melita has just published  and foresees a desolate future for the popular water body which according to the study, it has already suffered the loss of its legendary hippopotamus species, shrinking shoreline and contaminated waters......Read more


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