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May 21 - 27, 2016

EAC Secretary General Liberat Mfumukeko.


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Front Page 1

New EAC boss takes office breathing fire
Newly-appointed East African Community (EAC)Secretary General Liberat Mfumukeko took over office late last month, amid a financial crisis dogging the regional organization.
He warned of impending stringent measures to salvage the regional organization from the current financial crisis.
He said his administration will propose 'stern measures' geared at cost-cutting, value for money, accountability and transparency and that it will not be business as usual as the regional organization has to cope with unprecedented deficits in its budget...............Read more


Front Page 2

Govt okays drones to fight poaching in Tarangire
The state has authorized the  deployment of drones in Tarangire national park in a hi-tech battle with poachers who threaten the country’s multi-billion dollars wildlife tourism industry
Covering an area of 2,600 square kilometers, Tarangire national park in northern Tanzania, is best known for its large herds of  elephants that can be seen in groups of several hundred individuals along the main river valley during the early wet season. .......Read more

Front Page 3

Arusha top military personnel meeting strives to end terrorism, conflicts
Bringing together Chiefs of armed forces from various countries across Africa, who gathered in Arusha for five days since last Monday, has proved to be the best and effective platform onto which military heads of conflicting states on the continent can mutually address their problems, reach common understanding and solve territorial problems.. ............Read more

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