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June 27 - July 3, 2015


A crowd waiting to be registered for the forthcoming General Elections at Ukombozi Primary School in Sinon. (Photo by Hazla Quire).


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Voters registration centres overwhelmed
Some residents pay cash to youths  to queue for them

The demand for the new voters’ cards in Arusha is overwhelming. Hundreds of people have now resorted to spending nights at the registration center in order to beat the jam associated with queuing for hours.
 The process is also proving to be a lucrative  business for some young people who spend nights   at the Biometric Voters Registration (BVR) centres  earning the front positions at the queues only to sell those slots   at between 10,000/- and 15,000/- for those in a hurry to register........Read more


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US grants 70 billion/- to boost conservation efforts
Project to respond to poaching crisis near Manyara  

The US Government, through its Agency for International Development has pledged more than US $ 30 million in the next five years, to boost wildlife and environment conservation efforts in Tanzania.
 To start with, the US Envoy to Tanzania, Ambassador Mark Childress launched the first conservation project known as ‘Promoting Tanzania’s Environment Conservation and Tourism’ (PROTECT) to the tune of US $14.5 million at the Randilen Wildlife Management Area (WMA) mapped within wide corridor located between Tarangire and Lake-Manyara National Parks. .........Read more

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Loliondo conflicts take new twist
A total of 12 human rights defending groups and organizations have released a joint report on their recent observations regarding long-standing conflicts in the Loliondo Division of Ngorongoro District. They called for a national dialogue to address the issue.
“There is the need to organise a national forum and bring together all stakeholders of land and wildlife conservation in order to discuss and address the key challenges facing communities particularly pastoralist living near conserved areas,” reads part of the Human Rights Defenders Coalition report. ...Read more

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